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Commercial Pontoon Hire

ELITE PONTOON HIRE is the UK’s leading provider of modular pontoon based marine access and over-water lifting solutions.

ELITE PONTOON HIRE holds the UK’s largest combined pontoon hire fleet with 150 Modular Steel NATO Pontoons and 5000 Modular Plastic Versadock Pontoons.

Modular Steel NATO Pontoons are highly capable and road transportable which are designed to be infinitely expandable to suit site and engineering requirements. Modular Plastic Versadock pontoons are lightweight and offer stable, affordable access solutions with effortless installation.

ELITE PONTOON HIRE provides clients with bespoke fully engineered packages with unlimited pontoon configurations available.

Modular Steel NATO Pontoon Hire

Typical applications include:

  • 150 NATO Pontoons Available
  • Bridges & Roadways
  • Platforms for heavy duty plant & machinery
  • Dredging & Piling works
  • Inspection
  • Events Platforms
  • Heavy lifting using Elite Knuckle Boom Crane Systems

Modular Plastic versadock Pontoons

ELITE PONTOON HIRE Versadock Pontoons provide both permanent or temporary platform solutions.

Typical applications include:

  • 5000 Versadock Floats Available
  • Floating Work Platforms
  • Walkways & Bridges
  • Floating Solar Farms
  • Boat & Jet Ski Docks
  • Floating Access
  • Stages

Low Level Pontoon Hire

ELITE’s Low level pontoon units are ideal for providing a stable near to water level access. Ideally suited to applications such as welding and concrete repairs to quay walls and culverts and for accessing marine structures with restricted head room or freeboard.

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